We are looking for partners!

If you are in the food industry business, own a restaurant or a catering and event-planning business ..or perhaps a blog or a website-magazine? Contact us and let’s work together!

Teaming up with other businesses can result in a win-win outcome for you and the company you partnered up with. When done right, your partnership can result in additional exposure and revenue, and both parties end up happy with more customers and sales.

That is what we at OnlineDinnerware.com believe, strive too, and encourage others to do.

If you are an openminded entrepreneur that is constantly looking for new ways to improve and grow his business. We invite you to join us and together to move towards our common goal!

What we are looking for and what do we offer?

  1. If you own a food-related or catering and event planning blog, a website-magazine, or you are a social media mogul in the food industry. We invite you to work together on creating and sharing new, interesting and unique content.
  2. For those in the restaurant, catering and event planning businesses, we are also open to discussing bilateral advantageous contracts!

Our goals

Besides sales and helping others in this industry to succeed by collaborating and promoting them, our goal is to create and constantly share new, useful and interesting material that will inform and help our blog readers to come up with new ideas, which hopefully will come in handy to them.

If you found yourself in the above-mentioned descriptions. We encourage you to contact us right away, so we could discuss our future partnership!

Feel free to leave us a message in the comment section bellow, or contact us via social media.


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